legally blonde 3 confirmed

SHE’S BACK! Legally Blonde 3 is CONFIRMED, and we have the RELEASE DATE!

This isn’t exactly BREAKING NEWS as we’ve been officially ‘SHOOK’ with this knowledge since Elle Woods herself, Reese Witherspoon posted this on her Twitter…..

However, since this EPIC reveal we’ve dug around the internet to bring you guys more information on #LegallyBlonde3 and how long we’re gunna have to wait!

Here’s What We Know:

  1. MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc) have confirmed a release date for the project: Valentine’s Day 2020
  2. Reese Witherspoon will be reprising her role (no shifty actress change here- and we all hate those!)
  3. The release date will see a 19 year gap between Legally Blonde 3 and the original- we feel old..
  4. Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith & Karen McCullah- who first adapted the novel to our screens are set to pen the script!
  5. The original producer Marc Platt is onboard with the project
  6. Reese Witherspoon’s own production company, ‘Hello Sunshine’ will be involved in producing the project. (Yeah, we didn’t know Reese has a production company too…. she really is Elle Woods)

So… once a deal is finalised the script is said to be penned, honestly, we can’t wait. This cult classic can’t come soon enough!

The fact that so much of the original team will return gives us all confidence this will be truly an iconic Elle Woods return to pop culture!

Elle Woods Legally Blonde 3

What’s Next For Elle?

With the script all up in the air, and no juicy details, our heads are spinning as to where the studio will pick up from! Here are our 5 burning questions:

Is Elle still a lawyer?

Has Elle quit law, lost her right to practice law….. anything could’ve happened, we’re fearing the worst! We all know script writers love to change the game and create as much discourse as possible! We are not here for that kind of talk! Fingers crossed Legally Blonde 3 opens with a successful Elle Woods doing what she does best!

Will Elle have a chihuahua?

We were all hit hard by the death of Bruiser in real life. But will we see the return of a dog companion for Elle? The jury is still out… how can Bruiser ever be replaced! But, is it even Legally Blonde without the iconic chihuahua?

Is she still obsessed with pink?

Let us pray no. Let’s be real. We loved this film because of the ability for Reese Witherspoon to live out all our noughties obsession of wearing head-to-toe pink! We all wanted Elle’s wardrobe, it was like a fictional Paris Hilton!

Is Elle still married?

Elle was married at the end of Legally Blonde 2 with her sights set on the White House- of course! Will Emmett still be around? We are hoping so, but we all know how Hollywood like to split up a perfect marriage that gave us the happy fuzzy feeling at the end of Legally Blonde 2!

BEND AND SNAP! Is it still a thing?


bend and snap legally blonde

We all remember this iconic Legally Blonde moment! Is it going to return to Legally Blonde 3? It’s Elle’s superpower move and we know we will be waiting for this classic move to return! It’s been too long!

That’s it guys! Now all we have to do is wait….


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