Anna Potter is the St Martins Graphic Design graduate and all round sassy babe behind design agency, Top Girl Studio. The self professed ‘Regina George of Instagram’s’ latest project is iGirl or even more fittingly ‘The Burn Book of Instagram’. A series of Insta ready comments printed on bubblegum pink, iGirl looks satirically at our obsession with social media, featuring phrases such as ‘Your posts are tap water babe. I’m fiji’, and ‘I could murder a burger but I have to be vegan for Instagram’. But don’t think Anna’s mocking you – she’s just as Insta obsessed as the rest of us. We caught up with Anna to talk Kardashians, font types and some of her other projects such as ‘Educating Hollywood’.

Hi Anna what have you been up to today?

Emails. KUWTK, and working in my studio.

Can you explain where the idea for iGirl came about?

iGIRL began as a bunch of thoughts I had in my head whenever I was on Instagram. i’d look at people’s accounts and be fascinated with the lingo everyone was using and the trending hashtags. I couldn’t get over how it was all about the aesthetic of your feed. people including myself would spend hours organising which photos go where, and tag it with words like ‘onfleek slay goals’, so it intrigued me as I realised I’m one of these girls too! I wanted to bring to light the things we think whilst on Instagram as ridiculous as they are because I knew a lot of people would relate to them, that and i wanted to get people laughing at themselves. A lot of my work is satirical and I get great pleasure out of making someone smile for like a minute a day. If I have achieved that alone, I’m a happy girl.

Who’s Instagram do you ‘jealous follow’?

@kyliejenner @pollynor @wattson

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen on Instagram?

Hot dog legs. 

 We love Word: The Progression of American Hip Hop. Where did you get the idea to reproduce the songs in this way?

Word was actually a uni project that I displayed in my graduation show at Central St Martins. The brief was to create a musical instrument from everyday objects, I’ve always loved rap/ hip hop so wanted to create something that looked at the language behind the genre. I started doing some background research and I saw there was a basic pattern that back in the day, hip hop was about educating people, speaking out on big issues etc, and as time has gone on, it’s developed in to how many ‘bitches’ you can fit in to a track. Don’t get me wrong, there is still some great hip hop being made, but i wanted to explore this topic further. So I thought the best way to show someone the messages behind hip hop was through visuals, so word became a visual score, that people could read and therefore rap about the underlying messages in the songs, making up their own mind.

 What’s most often the most common theme in a hip hop song in your opinion?

sex. sex .sex

Who/what are you listening to atm?

views views views.Educating Hollywood is fabulous also! Do you believe that celebrity’s ought to smarten up a notch these days

Thanks! I mean, in some ways yes, when you put yourself out there in the public eye, it’s just common sense. But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just me trying to bash celebrities in general, in fact I like a lot of the celebrities I cover! I’m definately obsessed with the Kardashians.  The idea behind Educating Hollywood is simple we can learn a lot from the past. and i think on another note, it was made to make people laugh. lets not take ourselves so seriously, but perhaps think before you tweet guys!

What about our generation? Do you think our social media obsessions dumb us down or allow us to access a new world of info?

I actually covered this in my dissertation ‘ If the internet was a drug what would be its side effects’ so to quote from that: ‘The Internet is something we cannot escape from whilst we are living in the Information age. Like something out of a David Cronenberg film, everything is turning to technology. And as we move in to the future, brands like Apple are ruling the world, transforming in to a new religion. If you don’t own an iPhone, an iPad, or an iMac, you’re an iDiot.  In any case it doesn’t matter who you are but what you own. We have become products of our own identity.’

However, since graduating from uni, I started posting my work, on Instagram, and have a lot to thank to social media, without it no one would no about me or my work. the internet and social media is an amazing thing, and its only going to become bigger and better but like anything good, theres always a catch, the catch being I’m hooked, I’m totally addicted and I have become reliant online.

If you were a font, what would you be and why?

I’m in love with so many! But to narrow the list down, Monday-Friday i’d be Futura, you can’t go wrong with Futura. It’s a great font, clean, simplistic, bold. You know what you’re getting. But at the weekends, I’d be Raisonne! Because it’s basically the Kate Moss of fonts.

Who inspires you the most?

Drake and Pablo Picasso.

What’s the best thing about being a girl today?

Having freedom to think for ourselves and make our own choices, which in the past was not an option. That and online shopping.

What’s the future of social media?

50 years from now we will be riding along on our hover boards like in back 2 the future, and having to look up words like Instagram snapchat tinder. We will have become social media, it will be part of us, embedded in to our brains, clothes etc.

What’s your favourite piece from IP SS16?

The ‘Work’ crop!  #girlboss

Can you finish our sentence… ‘IP is……’?




Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.28.44

Educating Hollywood

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Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.28.26


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.29.29

Educating Hollywood

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.30.09



Check out more of Anna’s work at www.topgirlstudio.com/ and ofc follow her on Instagram @topgirl.studio

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