December 2016



      Girls had the colour thrown at us from a young age. On the day we were born, it defined precisely who we were. Our pink GAP baby grows demonstrated the only real constitution of identity we had at the time. Shit-stained or not, we looked quite cute wobbling around in them whilst our chuffed parents paraded us home with their pink ‘it’s a Girl!’ balloons. We squeezed our Cinderella toes into pink ballet slippers and dressed our prized Barbies in pink mini skirts we hoped one day... Read More


HOODIES – with heels or skivvies

    Our new collection is bringing some spice back to the hoody. We wear ours in bed eating cake, we wear it out on the street, we wear it when we’ve eaten too much cake, and we tie it round our waist when we go out dancing. Hoodies are the only thing we wear wherever, whenever, and without fail in winter. In a way that only underwear or our favourite scrunchie does, it takes us through the day and when we’re being lazy we just don’t take it off... Read More



    In the words of Love Actually’s Billy Mack, Christmas is all around us. Our red jumpers have been fished from the back of our wardrobes, we’ve stocked up on red mulled wine and bought some overpriced red crackers for our Christmas table. For a month where the expression ‘seeing red’ applies to our wardrobes, homes and mental state whilst last-minute shopping, we’ve put together a collection of some X-rated red fashion pictures to spice up the Xmas season.     How to leave a Christmas party: Kate falling... Read More