April 2017


Illustrated People’s visual guide to getting fit for summer

  Khloe Kardashian calls it the ‘revenge body’. Fergie just got it from her ma. We’re all for the ‘strong is the new skinny’ trend, but when it comes to getting our own asses to the gym motivation usually runs dry. This is our alternative inspo guide for getting your squats in.   Prep Dedicate a substantial amount of time to sulking. Linger around in your gym clothes long enough for your housemates to assume you already went on your run, and try not to use that as an excuse to... Read More


IP girl of 2017: Bella Hadid

We love Bella Hadid. She puts creativity back into classic model-of-duty looks, from tight two-pieces to oversized streetwear we’d sell our own (much shorter and less defined) arm or leg for. Here are our top 10 times Bella made loungewear luxury.   Your summer tourist guide: Bella in camo print ft. Japanese pastel print ads       2. We love a print. There’s no better way to convey confidence than statement two-pieces and we’re taking notes from Bella     3. For anyone who’s ever wondered how to pull off orange:     4.... Read More