How did you meet?
We met whilst working front of house at the flagship Jamies Italian in Oxford when we were young, foolish and had no idea about anything!
Dream food day start to finish?
Josh: Start the day with a cream cheese and salmon bagel from Brick Lane and a strong coffee. Lunch would have to be a Bleeker Burger with Angry fries and dinner would be Thai food anywhere, and then a few drinks and after that some midnight chicken wings for the bus home.
 Luce: So id start with some delicious dumplings from Greenwich market, then id move onto a Thai green curry from the begging bowl then it would have to be Bao in Soho for a classic Bao, the amazing rice they do and a confit pork Bao. Then I’d go to YUM BUN for their coconut ice cream bun.
What are you both addicted to?
Pasta and truffle oil and fried chicken.
Fave place to eat in London?
Where in the world has the most inspiring food for you? Have you been?
Josh: May sound weird but the food in Australia for me was great. theres such a large amount of fusion food, great quality ingredients. Food in some countries in South America was great but not very inspiring, not for the masses.
Luce: I just really really love Thai food and eat everything when im there.
Choose two new celeb parents for yourselves?
David Attenbourough
Dolly Parton
Childhood heroes?
Luce: Obvs Shiney Charazard
Sugar or Spice?
Both Spice
Beyonce or Rih Rih?
John Torrode or Gregg Wallace?
Go to late night snack?
Fried chicken/pasta shells with butter and cheese and anything else in the fridge.
If there was one thing you had to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Thai food forevz
Lucy, what’s your fave Illustrated People piece?
Bacon gives me lardons, not because i wore it but its actually really really fantastic. I also love reality TV ruined my life.
What’s next for Bill and Beak?
Would love to have take away kiosks around the London and perhaps move them to Brighton etc. But for now focusing on getting the brand out in London more and being able to double up all the time.

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