Illustrated People’s visual guide to getting fit for summer


Khloe Kardashian calls it the ‘revenge body’. Fergie just got it from her ma.

We’re all for the ‘strong is the new skinny’ trend, but when it comes to getting our own asses to the gym motivation usually runs dry. This is our alternative inspo guide for getting your squats in.



Dedicate a substantial amount of time to sulking. Linger around in your gym clothes long enough for your housemates to assume you already went on your run, and try not to use that as an excuse to pretend you did.


School PE class without the mouldy vests



For maximum motivation, find somewhere aesthetically pleasing with not many people and minimum interference from men tooting in vans.


Running track / runway


Pastel tennis court by Ward Roberts


You never know who you might bump in to whilst pretending not to have stopped running because you’re out of breath

Comfort is key by Kim


All the gear no idea. Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris Panoplies spread, 2015


Now is not the time to be accentuating assets. Find a sturdy sports bra that conveys something like this


Rest breaks

If anyone tells you exercise isn’t a chore, they’re getting paid by a protein company via Instagram.


Amber Valletta by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia April 2009 / the stop drop and sulk


Sweaty and smug


Atelier Versace Beaded Bodice Breastplate, Spring 1991


Photo by André Rau, 1985. Swimming hat optional



Pics or it didn’t happen

An alternative option is to miss out previous steps and start here. People might wonder how your eyeliner stayed in place but mystery isn’t a bad thing

Cora Emmanuel for W Magazine 2014



Treat yourself



Words by Rosie Byers

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