IP on tour

As per, British weather is being a tease. We cracked open a cold bear and our shorts draw yesterday, but it’s looking like it’ll be another few weeks before we need to shave our legs again.

In the mean time, we’ve found some IP looks that have been flaunted all over the world this month for some inspo on how to style our new pieces in the sun, and how to wear your popper pants on the plane.



@imogenjevanss hitting up Barcelona this week in full IP


@iamtherodzilla taking IP from North Wales to Miami


@jessica_marie_olvera stopping traffic whilst looking for Romeo in Texas


@savannahbree catching flies & rays in LA


And for those of us stuck in London, put your new sunnies on anyway with @asos_olive in our new tees


Words by Rosie Byers

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