Mollie Mills

Since leaving school at 15, Born n Bred Londoner Mollie Mills 
has worked all over the globe; from hunting down the weird 
and wonderful for her own gritty mini documentary's to working
with big name clients on international campaigns.
She's got a pretty damn inpressive portfolio, working with some 
huge brands (Nike, Addidas, Red Bull, Hood By Air..ect) this Hackney 
hottie even won UK Young Videographer in Nike's Global creative 
competition 'The Chance'...and to top it all off she's only 23.
In-between exploring the Philippines idyllic islands for STA's Reel 
Philippines series and jet setting it off to NYC we managed to catch 
up with this creative beauty....introducing Mollie Mills.

-What got you into film?

A combination of things. Both a lack of celebration for
teenage hustlers and the youth in general plus an obsession with 
documenting my surroundings. 

-You’ve travelled a lot and filmed loads of cool and interesting people, 
Where’s the best place you’ve been the most inspiring people you’ve met 
and why?

Every place or person teaches me something therefore they're all equally 
valuable.I've just spent two weeks in Detroit where I worked with the Ruth 
Ellis Center, a safespace for misguided LGBTQ youth on my film about 
backstreet Vogue culture. 
It's the only organisation in the US that has a residential program for 
LGBTQ youth in the foster care and juvenile justice system and is mission 
specific to those kids who experience homelessness. 
It was pretty moving to see such ferocious courage and optimism in the face 
of such trauma and hardship. 

-Wheres your most inspirational spot in the world?

London! Always and forever. London's a melting pot of culture, class and 
eccentricity that has a magic quality I can never quite articulate.

-What's the best advice you've ever received?

When we are unsure, we are alive.

-Who’s the best person you’ve worked with?

All the kids who've let me film with them.

-Who was your teenage crush?

I had a printed and cut out picture of Chingy on the front of my 
school diary surrounded by love heart stickers, which makes me coo 
in awe of my teenage years. 

-Who was your first style icon?

That's a hard one. I was such a Hypebeast kid - my school bag used
to be covered in brand stickers and pins - but I had this hood-sass 
Hackney girl element too - I remember slicking down my baby hairs 
and wearing a Yankee's tracksuit with matching baby pink Huaraches.
So I guess like it was a mix of Mutya and Nigo... which sounds awful. 
I was and am most heavily influenced by people I see in the street - 
I'm always stopping people and asking 'where is that from?!'. 
These days, I buy a lot of my clothes in Army Surplus stores and 
pull influence from Japanese style - and naturally,
 there's always still an element of street wear.

 -Fave pick from Illustrated People SS15 Collection?

Princess tee

 -What would you tell your teenager self?

To stop trying to be an adult. 

-Go-to snack?    

Carrots. Teehee.

-All time fave summer tune?

SO many. This year it's Post Malone - White Iverson
-Biggie or Tupac?

Listen to Biggie, marry Tupac. Strange dichotomy. 

-Fave thing to do when no ones around?

Be naked, do Gucci Mane impressions. 

- Choose 2 new celeb parents - who?

David Attenborough and Elvis Presley. 

-Irrational fear?

Google Trypophobia
- colab with anyone in the world? who and what on?

David Attenborough. Anything. 

- top 3 insta accounts?




-Fave Emojii?


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