Chloe Sheppard is a 19 year old photographer shooting her friends and Instagram crushes on film. From photographing Mabel McVey for Adidas x Stella Sport to snapping her ultimate girl crush Lana del Rey, Chloe’s carving a name for herself in contemporary film photography. Her work, which has attracted the attention of Dazed Digital and the girls at Sukeban to name only two, delves into the worlds (and bedrooms) of her peers through rose tinted glasses. Chloe reacts against the selfie generation by capturing young women such as Iris Law, Joanna Kuchta and most often, her friend Sylvie in an honestly beautiful light. We caught up with Chloe about her obsessions with America, Lana del Rey and bedrooms.

How has your day panned out?

It’s been pretty normal really, got up, went to work, then went shopping. I smashed my iPhone yesterday though and was lucky enough to get a new one today, so I’ve spent hours this evening (and I’m still trying) to back it up properly so I don’t lose anything on it.

Have you any upcoming projects?

Yeah a fair few. I have ideas constantly, it’s just finding the motivation to actually get them put together. I have another zine coming out in collaboration with another artist, hopefully towards the end of June. I’m heading to America on Monday, so I’m hoping to pull a few projects out of that too

Can you tell us about the zines that you contribute to?
Crybaby Zine was the first one I ever really submitted to. They’re a zine that is for teenagers, by teenagers, and are so inclusive it’s amazing. I always recommend them to everyone that asks me about getting work published when you’re starting out. Also Melted Magazine, it’s like exclusively film and curated by a rad young artist. I’ve been so busy these past few months though that I haven’t contributed anything at all to either. 

Do you mostly photograph your friends and do you think that photographing people you know affects the process?

I used to mostly shoot my friends, but now I like shooting with people who I connect with randomly online through Instagram etc. I prefer shooting with people I know though, just because straight away we’re comfortable with each other, we know how we work etc. Most of my favourite photos have been shots of my friends.

You often shoot in girls bedrooms, why is this?

I just feel like our bedrooms are a super sacred place. I’m fascinated with them, I love decorating mine and tailoring it to my current favourite things. I have so much stuck up on my walls, I think it shows my photographic style so well, it’s where I get all my inspiration from really.

What makes someone beautiful?


Do you remember the first photograph you ever took? 

I’ve been taking photos for so long, before I took up photography I used to shoot my friends randomly on my phone all the time. But the first photo I took that I was proud of, was a photo of my friends cat. It was super close up and focused and I was just so impressed because I didn’t realise ‘macro’ was a thing and that I could take a photo like that haha.

Are we right in saying you’re a major Lana del Rey fan? If so why?

Indeed I am. I just love her. I love everything she embodies, her lyrics inspire my work so much. Her aesthetic, like within her music videos and stuff is just everything to me. I feel like she loves classic Americana like I do. Lana’s so ridiculously talented and her visuals just blow my mind. If you haven’t seen Tropico, I highly recommend it. It’s such a masterpiece. Or the Ride music video. Anything Lana related really.

What is it about American culture that gets you obsessed?

I really don’t know. I think I must have lived in 70s America in a past life. I love the old cars, and the idea of the old biker men smoking and riding around aimlessly. A lot of the movies I grew up watching were set in that time, so I think that has something to do with it.

Who would you love to work with (that you haven’t already)?

I’ve already taken a photo of Lana just quickly when I met her, but I would love to do an actual shoot with her. That’s my biggest dream.

Why is it important for young girls to collaborate and champion each other?

Because ‘it’s a man’s world’ and our art is a way of helping us reclaim it. It’s great to connect with other young artists because it’s so inspiring and motivating, I honestly feel so pumped whenever I hang out with a group of girl creatives. I go home and want to begin like a thousand projects at once. 

Which young female creatives should we check out?

Lauren Tepfer (photographer), Slaylonie (illustrator) and I’m also obsessed with Sally Nixon’s work too. 

What’s your favourite piece from IP SS16?

The Blue Satin Space Jacket <3

And may you finish our sentence – ‘IP is……’

…one for the reckless.

Chloe's most photographed subject - Sylvie

Chloe’s most photographed subject – Sylvie






Aisyah for www.sukeban.co.uk

Aisyah for www.sukeban.co.uk



check out Chloe’s full works here or via her instagram 

shop the blue satin space jacket here 

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